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The Pupin Business Center Reception offers a welcoming atmosphere for all visitors of the business center. As a user of our offices, you can enjoy full support from our reception staff. Our focus is on practical services – handling and forwarding mail, calls, organizing meetings, welcoming guests, and communication with visitors. Join us for a seamless and efficient day ahead.

Office 201

Individual Office 201 – 28m2

Office 201 is one of our most impeccably furnished spaces, designed to reflect your unique style and approach to business. It provides a tranquil, air-conditioned environment for conducting your work and meetings without disturbances from others. Equipped with a telephone, storage cabinet, and a spacious 65-inch Smart TV for video production and presentations, this space is where your productivity meets sophistication.


office 202

Individual Office 202 – 25m2

Manager's office offering both comfort and productivity in a prime location near the meeting room and reception area. Equipped with a telephone, a functional desk, air conditioning, and lightning-fast Wi-Fi, this office is your ideal workspace.

Office 205

Mini Meeting Office – up to 6 people

If you're looking for a private space to have important discussions, our Office 205 is the perfect choice.

In a modern and well-equipped environment, with a smart TV at your disposal, you can hold a meeting for up to 6 people without any interruptions. Comfortable seating, high-speed internet, and café service ensure that your meeting will be a success.

Office 206

Individual Office 206 – 21m2

Take advantage of the great location of this office where modern design and natural light come together to create a productive and inspiring workspace.

Office 207-208

Office for a larger team - 70m2

Office 207-208 is the ideal choice for companies where managers closely collaborate with their teams. The space between managers and their teams can be physically separated for added privacy. This office is equipped with 2 manager and 4 single desks, telephone sets, air conditioning, built-in storage cabinets and units.


office 209

Spacious "Open Concept" Office - 95m2

Very spacious and with plenty of natural light, this office is perfect for larger teams and a collaborative working environment. It can be customized to meet your specific needs. Equipped with 2 manager desks and 4 single desks, fixed telephone sets, air conditioning, and storage units, this office offers flexibility and comfort for your team.

Meeting room

MEETING ROOM - up to 16 people

Professional space with an elegant and modern interior, our meeting room is sure to impress your clients and business partners. It is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for conducting business meetings, private discussions, small conferences, workshops, training sessions, seminars, and other organized business activities.


Well-equipped kitchenette

As a vital component of our coworking space, here you can whip up a meal, brew a fresh cup of coffee, or simply take a break and socialize with your colleagues. Our kitchen boasts a coffee machine, a dishwasher, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a pantry, and a complete set of tableware and drinkware. Experience the convenience of a well-appointed kitchen right at your workspace.

rest area

Relaxation Space: Recharge and Reconnect

Elevate your workday experience in our relaxation space. Take a break, rekindle your focus, and rejuvenate your energy. Enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee or tea, clear your mind, and engage in meaningful conversations with your colleagues. Increased productivity and unwavering commitment to your tasks are just around the corner!


Modern and Immaculate Restrooms for Your Comfort

Step into our pristine restrooms, where comfort meets cleanliness. We take care of hygiene daily to ensure your workday experience is as pleasant as possible. We also offer restroom facilities tailored to accommodate individuals with disabilities.


All our Premises and Coworking space

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